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Communications lets your office PC retrieve information from your stores’ Point-of-Sale (POS) systems.

At scheduled times, Communications connects to the POS systems and timeclocks within your store(s) and retrieves the information you select.

Best of all, Communications runs unattended, retrieving information from every compatible POS system in each of your locations. This is called “polling.” By polling your stores, RTI Communications automates data entry for almost all of your store data, including cash receipts, hourly sales, product mix, and payroll information.

Store Data on Your Schedule

Need information now? No problem. Communications also features “on-demand” polling. This allows you to poll one or all stores immediately, retrieving the most up-to-date POS data available.

When you use Communications with other RTI products, both the office and the store benefit. In the office, data entry is greatly reduced, and errors caused by manual entry are eliminated. At the store, the time required for paperwork is reduced, giving managers more time for customers and crew.

Communications gathers data for the following RTI applications: Payroll, TimeKeeping, and Daily Store Reporting. If you use any of these applications, Communications can be a real time-saver.

All Dressed Up and Ready to Poll

RTI recognizes that setting up office-to-store communications is not an everyday occurrence for your store managers and office staff. To ensure your success with Communications, RTI takes the burden out of the software setup by customizing the software for your operation.

As part of your custom setup, we test poll each store to make sure that all of the hardware pieces are working well together and that your POS data is ready to be retrieved.

At RTI, we are constantly adding to our list of compatible POS systems. If you don’t see your register system on our list, call us. We’ll be glad to look at your POS system to see if we can poll your data.

Compatible POS Types

Communications supports most popular POS types. For a complete list of supported POS types, call RTI Sales at 800.937.1290.

Putting It All Together

RTI applications can be integrated to provide a total office solution for retail operators. The following RTI applications work with Communications:

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