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MyJobToGo – Online Pay Stubs

RTI Payroll includes an add-on feature—MyJobToGo—that lets you post your pay stubs online. This makes life easier for you and your team.

MyJobToGo - Online Pay Stubs

One Less Task

For you, the logistical and financial challenges of printing and delivering pay stubs for each pay run are gone. And when pay stubs are lost or misplaced, you no longer have the additional burden of replacing them.

For your employees, they enjoy 24/7 online access to their current and previous pay stubs on their computer, phone, or tablet. After creating an easy to use account, they can access the information they need on their own—instantly.

Immediate ROI

Making the switch to online pay stubs provides immediate savings with the elimination of ink, paper, and postage costs. The average cost of printing and distributing a pay stub is estimated to be around $1.90 per employee1. Through the course of a year, this can easily add up to tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. In addition, this drastic reduction in printing and postage significantly helps the environmental impact of your company.

Safe & Secure

With MyJobToGo, you and your employees gain greater control of personal information. Paper pay stubs can be lost, misplaced, and stolen. Online pay stubs are safe and secure with a 3-step employee password retrieval, personalized security questions, CAPTCHA protection, and email notifications of temporary passwords.

MyJobToGo - Online Pay Stubs

Employee Self-Service

For many employees, pay stubs are more than a receipt to be filed away; they are needed for loans, taxes, and government benefit programs. With online pay stubs, employees gain instant access all the time and from anywhere. And at some point, employees will likely forget their user names or passwords. With MyJobToGo, forgotten passwords don’t become your problem. Employees enter their information to retrieve user names and passwords on their own.


MyJobToGo supports both pay cards and direct deposit. The system is compatible with any pay card vendor or bank that accepts NACHA files.

1. National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) www.nacha.org

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