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Timely Details

TimeKeeping is a watchdog, protecting both management and employees. For management, TimeKeeping draws attention to employee tardiness, extended breaks, overtime pay, and other costly excesses. For employees, TimeKeeping monitors employee hours and identifies potential state and federal labor law violations.

Avoid Penalties

Labor laws change often. As the government increases surveillance for labor law violations, especially for minors, avoiding financial penalties is an ongoing concern for retail operators. TimeKeeping keeps an eye on your payroll hours to help you avoid such situations. RTI maintains both the state and federal labor law databases so that you stay current with the ever-changing government regulations.

To put the power of automation to work in your office, TimeKeeping works with RTI Communications and Payroll. Together, these tools automate the process of collecting time clock information from your stores and eliminates the manual data entry into the Payroll system.

Putting It All Together

RTI applications can be integrated to provide a total office solution for multi-unit retail operators. The following RTI applications work with TimeKeeping:

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