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Cash & Till Management

Protect your hard-earned revenue at every accountability point with RTIconnect Back-Office. Greater visibility into the restaurants’ daily cash management alerts you to anything out of the ordinary and helps limit your potential for loss. With RTIconnect’s Cash & Till Management software, you can:

Here’s how RTIconnect Cash & Till Management helps the following roles:

RTIconnect Cash & Till Management helps Operators see details.


  • RTIconnect Back-Office shows the details of paid ins/outs, till exceptions, inline voids, discounts, coupons, gift cards, etc.—exact specifics that district and company management need to troubleshoot cash issues.
  • The RTIconnect reports are searchable by restaurant or cashier and display trends and identify opportunities to improve performance and prevent losses.
RTIconnect Cash & Till Management helps CFOs access data.


  • The software provides detailed, searchable results for till exceptions, discounts and coupons, voids, gift cards—by restaurant, cashier, and even cashiers across restaurants. It also tracks results by drawer and calculates over/short for each cashier.
  • With RTIconnect, you gain immediate access to restaurant data. Where there is a question about restaurant performance, review it in detail and compare it against a store group or the whole company.
RTIconnect Cash & Till Management helps IT Managers prevent theft.

IT Manager

  • RTIconnect records both imported data and entered data in the audit log, and tracks all changes. By placing accounting and audit trails in full view of the restaurant management team, the software management tools help prevent inside theft.
  • Find out in seconds which restaurant, manager, or cashier needs attention on cash inconsistencies. And searchable data by unit or cashier allows for immediate corrective action.
RTIconnect Cash & Till Management helps Franchisors establish standards.


  • Consistency is vital to successful restaurant management. With RTIconnect, you can establish standard cash/till management practices and reporting across your brand, helping all your restaurants operate from the same playbook.
  • With RTIconnect, cash accountability is rock solid. The system enforces cash security across your organization and exposes potential concerns, enabling management to take corrective action immediately.

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