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Employee scheduling is the foundation for success in your restaurants, but making the best schedules requires balancing multiple factors (customer service, employee needs, labor guidelines). Despite manager’s best efforts, just an hour here and there can be the difference between hitting the labor target or providing the best guest experience. With RTIconnect’s restaurant schedule maker, you can take the guesswork out of scheduling by:

Here’s how RTIconnect helps these roles succeed in making effective employee schedules:

RTIconnect Employee Schedules helps Operators build efficient schedules.


  • Make better schedules in less time. RTIconnect saves managers hours of time every week in creating schedules. RTIconnect quickly creates schedules that ensure your restaurants are staffed for excellent customer service while not wasting your labor dollars.
  • RTIconnect alerts you to overstaffed restaurants that needlessly cost your company money, such as schedule variances, overrides, tardiness, extended breaks, and unauthorized or unnecessary overtime pay.
RTIconnect Employee Schedules helps CFOs breakdown labor costs.


  • With restaurant scheduling software like RTIconnect, you gain full visibility into store records. Reports provide an accurate, detailed record of the hours worked and a breakdown of labor costs by department and store.
  • You’ll see consistency in labor reporting across all stores as RTIconnect imports labor data from multiple POS systems and exports them to your payroll system for verification.
RTIconnect Employee Schedules helps IT Managers provide labor details.

IT Manager

  • Enterprise reporting reduces the burden on your team. RTIconnect provides visibility into store operations so that district managers and the operations team can get underlying data such as schedules, variance reports, etc.
  • You’ll get custom labor reports with less work. For instance, season changes are easy: simply adjust the store hours and ideal labor will adjust automatically.
RTIconnect Employee Schedules helps Franchisors establish labor standards.


  • An enterprise-level view of data across your operation ensures immediate access to key labor metrics. RTIconnect lets you and your team consult remotely, with all parties viewing the same information.
  • RTIconnect ensures all restaurants operate from the same labor standards. You define the standards, yet operators still have tools that allow for store differences. For example, RTIconnect allows different labor charts based on store configuration, average check, etc.

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