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In a single glance, RTIconnect delivers what you need from your restaurant back-office software. In addition to more than 120 pre-built RTIconnect reports, you can also design your own—create comparative reports (store vs. store, store group vs. store group), restaurant sales trend reports or even provide a flash restaurant P&L for the field management team. It’s not just a bunch of numbers though. With notifications, alerts, and highlights, you always know where your attention is needed. And you can drill-through for the details needed to solve the issue.

Here’s how RTIconnect Enterprise Reporting helps the following roles:

RTIconnect Enterprise Reporting helps Operators know where to focus.


  • With access on your phone or tablet, RTIconnect gives you immediate and on-demand variance results so your team can take action now—not tomorrow. And with exception reporting, you always know where to focus your attention.
  • With RTIconnect, it’s easy to track your deposits and troubleshoot cash issues. System reports alert you to any deposit exceptions, and audit logs show where mistakes or changes are made.
RTIconnect Enterprise Reporting helps CFOs track money at all points.


  • RTIconnect reporting and audit trails ensure that company money and information are recorded, tracked, and audited at all points. For hidden losses, the Store Audit Log shows unusual changes to ending inventory.
  • Labor reports alert you to excesses that waste company money, including variances in scheduling, overtime, and unauthorized punches. These reports provide a detailed breakdown of labor costs by department and store.
RTIconnect Enterprise Reporting helps IT Managers normalize data.

IT Manager

  • Enterprise reporting provides visibility into restaurant operations while reducing the burden on the IT team. District managers can easily get schedules, variance reports, and payroll exception/error notification on their own.
  • Since RTIconnect is POS-independent, it normalizes data coming from legacy POS systems. As a result, you can build reports without having to manipulate the back-office data for standardization—or invest in new store technology.
RTIconnect Enterprise Reporting helps Franchisors compare restaurants.


  • With RTIconnect reports, compare performance of stores, store groups or regions, report on sales trends, and monitor financial performance by the month, week, period or day. You have access to the data you need to focus on marketing strategies and advance brand sales.
  • Compare labor percentages across restaurants or regions, corporate vs. franchise, etc. and always have the latest information on labor costs. With the range of reports, you can provide tight labor controls while ensuring company-wide labor standards.

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