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Food Cost Management

Food cost is your single biggest controllable expense, so this aspect of your business deserves a lot of attention. But managing food cost well requires attention to many moving parts—food portioning, recipes, accurate ordering, advance food prep, avoiding waste and theft, and more. RTIconnect Back-Office has you covered in all of these areas, helping you get control of your food cost and increase profits in every restaurant. With RTIconnect, you can:

Here’s how RTIconnect helps these roles succeed in food cost management:

RTIconnect Food Cost Management helps Operators improve profits.


  • Improve profits 1–2 percent. You gain immediate and on-demand variance results so your team can take action today—not at the end of the week.
  • Watch what matters. You can track controllable expenses on a daily or intraday basis. Waste is reduced with prep and production charts, which ensure restaurants prepare what the need when they need it.
RTIconnect Food Cost Management helps CFOs automate food cost tasks.


  • Automate important food costs tasks, giving your team the information and time to make decisions. For example, eInvoicing imports invoices from vendors into your payable system and handles credits.
  • Prevent loss by uncovering excessive waste when it occurs—by store and shift. Configurable lockdowns provide restaurant managers with the flexibility to make quick corrections while also ensuring the integrity of your results.
RTIconnect Food Cost Management helps IT Managers keep costs down.

IT Manager

  • Lift the burden of repetitive demands on IT support. RTI adds new menu items and keeps recipe costs and order guides updated across the company, based on information provided by your food vendor.
  • RTIconnect provides you with a robust food cost software platform without requiring a large investment in store technology or procedural changes at the POS level.
RTIconnect Food Cost Management helps Franchisors analyze food cost.


  • RTIconnect gives you an enterprise-level view of your restaurants’ operations for real-time analysis of your food cost. Custom reports deliver food cost detail by restaurant or region, complete with drill-through links to the details.
  • RTIconnect makes it easy to enforce food cost standards across all restaurants. The central recipe database keeps everyone on the same page with recipe control.

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