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Accurate forecasting is at the heart of the RTIconnect system. Using your sales history, the RTIconnect software predicts your future hourly sales and product mix. It can even account for—or exclude—holidays, weather events, or other circumstances that impact your sales forecast. RTIconnect Back-Office then uses your sales forecast to:

Here’s how RTIconnect Forecasting helps the following roles:

RTIconnect Forecasting helps Operators build better schedules.


  • With RTIconnect Forecasting, your schedules are both leaner and better. The back-office software calculates the labor required for your defined restaurant tasks and combines that with past and projected sales to predict labor requirements.
  • You can test the impact that new products, promotions, or LTOs will have on profits with the RTIconnect What-If Menu Analysis. By entering test data, you can see what effect changes in inventory costs, quantities, menu prices, or recipe usage will have on profits.
RTIconnect Forecasting helps CFOs have confidence in future costs.


  • RTIconnect helps lower food cost and reduce your payroll with accurate forecasting. By avoiding over-ordering, your company’s money stays in the bank, not on the shelves—where it’s more likely to be pilfered, spoiled, or wasted.
  • Depend on RTIconnect for accurate accounts of past, present, and future revenue and cost performance. By comparing actual results with forecasted sales and costs, you can confidently plan payments, bonuses, and other financial expenditures.
RTIconnect Forecasting helps IT Managers answer 'what if' questions.

IT Manager

  • With accurate forecasting, restaurants have the right amount of inventory on hand, and the right number of workers—leading to less transfers, less spoilage, less waste, and less theft. When the forecast is accurate because of the technology behind it, everyone benefits.
  • Answering those “what if” questions just got easier (and no more impromptu back-office reports). With RTIconnect’s What If Menu Analysis, your operations team now has a software tool to forecast the impact of new products, promotions, and LTOs on your operation.
RTIconnect Forecasting helps Franchisors provide the best service.


  • By correctly forecasting sales and orders, RTIconnect helps lower food cost throughout your brand. Franchisees have an easy tool to forecast daily sales based on a weighted average of sales history—then RTIconnect suggests optimal orders.
  • RTIconnect quickly builds accurate employee schedules using sales trends, sales forecasts, and employee availability. Schedules are both leaner and better, allowing your restaurants to reduce excess labor while still providing excellent service.

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