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Implementation Services

We specialize in helping restaurant companies—just like yours—make a successful transition to RTIconnect. When changing your back-office software, we understand the importance of buy-in at all levels of your organization, starting with the restaurant manager. From there, we help you meet the needs of all of the other key groups in your company: the executive team, operations, accounting, human resources, etc.

Our Implementation team is based right here, in our Atlanta office, and are dedicated experts with the perfect blend of technology know-how and restaurant management experience.

With more than 100 years of combined restaurant level experience, the Implementation team understands your daily business needs and the challenges of implementing a new system for a restaurant company. They have been there before, so they know what you and your team needs.

Part of our culture at RTI is to earn your business every day. We don’t require long-term contracts that lock you into doing business with us. Instead, we simply provide a level of service and attention you’re not going to find elsewhere—starting from day one.

Transition without Disruption

Your RTIconnect Account Manager will help you develop a custom plan that meets your specific goals. Implementation can be as varied as our customers. Some choose to implement just one component at a time. For example, start with Food (inventories, eOrdering, prep sheets, etc.) and move to Labor then Cash. We’re focused on providing a transition to RTIconnect that is easy on your restaurants and doesn’t disrupt data flow. If you’re replacing your current back-office software, we will install RTIconnect, interface with your POS, and do your setup without interrupting your current importing/exporting tasks.

End-to-End Service

After setting up your RTIconnect database, we will remotely install RTIconnect in your stores. Then each night we’ll transfer data from your POS systems into RTIconnect—importing hourly sales, product mix, time punches, and cash information. We’ll cross reference the imported POS items, link and sequence data, coordinate with your major vendor to set up eOrdering, and link items in your eOrder Guide. We also monitor your imports to ensure we receive data daily from your store.

The Support of a Team of Experts

An RTI Implementation Consultant will get you started with a custom training menu that introduces you and your restaurant managers to key tasks. This is followed with instructor-led online training. We use a train-the-trainer system, and support your in-house training. Finally, you’ll have a dedicated RTI support team to help your company with any ongoing needs. Additional details, including an outline of our support model, will be provided in a customized RTIconnect Welcome Packet when you begin your implementation.

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