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RTIconnect works with the systems you need for your restaurants. A complete restaurant management solution, RTIconnect Back-Office helps you gather and move data throughout your company, from specific data collection points in your restaurants all the way to your company-level financial and employee management systems. RTIconnect interfaces with the following systems:

Compatible with 30+ POS Systems

RTIconnect works with all major POS systems, providing an at-a-glance view of your entire business—even in a mixed or legacy POS environment. This flexibility lets you make POS decisions independently, while RTIconnect provides a consistent and consolidated data stream from your restaurants’ back-office to your accounting, payroll, and other financial reporting systems, regardless of the POS system.

Third-Party Integration Saves Hours

RTIconnect also works with many external systems—accounting software, payroll software, food distribution centers—even franchisor-specific reporting groups. Your front office will save hours of time-consuming, error-prone data entry every month by eliminating manual entry of sales, payroll, hours, and end of month inventory by exporting the information into your general ledger and payroll systems. Plus, our partnerships with food distribution vendors provide interfaces to electronic order guides, eOrdering, and eInvoicing.

Back-Office Exporting

You can even automate exporting tasks. RTIconnect’s export tools allow automated exporting of several types of data to third-party software packages. This includes cash sheet items, credit cards, deposits, ending inventory and values, payroll hours and punches, purchases, schedules, and speed of service times. With a restaurant management solution like RTIconnect, you have what you need to run more profitable restaurants.

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