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To manage your food cost, you need control of your restaurant inventory. This requires tracking numbers that are constantly changing. It starts with knowing your beginning count, then you have to know your ending count—what you have after sales, transfers, waste, promos, and purchases. These numbers, combined with accurate forecasting, ensure your food orders are sufficient but not excessive. That’s where RTIconnect Back-Office comes in. It steadies your moving target so you hit your mark every day. With RTIconnect, you gain robust restaurant inventory management software that provides:

Here’s how RTIconnect Inventory Management software helps the following roles:

RTIconnect Inventory Management helps Operators count inventory by any UOM.


  • With RTIconnect, you count your restaurant inventory in the UOM you want, and RTIconnect takes care of the rest. You can even view the same inventory by different UOMs in different places, such as your variance reports. No conversions or calculators needed for your restaurant managers.
  • Evaluate on-hand inventory in context by seeing inventory relative to the restaurant’s volume. With RTIconnect, you can see your inventory on-hand divided by the weekly average sales for the restaurant, giving you a ratio to compare across restaurants.
RTIconnect Inventory Management helps CFOs trust food cost numbers.


  • Since food cost is your single biggest controllable expense, you want to ensure managers keep a close watch on the restaurants’ inventory. And the entry of accurate inventory counts is necessary to produce food cost reports that you can trust.
  • With efficient restaurant inventory management, managers can easily process purchases and transfers by always knowing what they have on-hand, ensuring your food cost numbers are always accurate.
RTIconnect Inventory Management helps IT Managers avoid maintenance burdens.

IT Manager

  • When new LTOs arrive, RTI automatically adds the recipes into the back-office software, so there’s no recipe maintenance on your end. RTIconnect also automatically updates the cost of inventory items—freeing up your team for other tasks.
  • On-hand restaurant inventory can be viewed in a glance— without manipulating data or running multiple reports. That way, you get accurate information to the right people with minimal effort on your part.
RTIconnect Inventory Management helps Franchisors create inventory standards.


  • With RTIconnect, you can establish inventory standards for your restaurants so they keep a tight watch on the right items—such as high-value ingredients—by counting the same items every day. They can also easily track smaller items that are more susceptible to theft.
  • Save time and reduce copying errors with RTIconnect’s Web Inventory. Restaurant managers can move through the restaurant and enter inventory on a tablet, so the numbers are only entered once—reducing the likelihood of errors.

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