RTIconnect Back-Office Software

Offline Mode

Internet outage? No problem. RTIconnect Back-Office powers through the outage, seamlessly transitioning your restaurants to Offline Mode, which allows them to continue with critical store functions. Your data is stored locally until the Internet connection is restored. Then your RTIconnect software automatically synchronizes any local data with the main company database.

Keep Your Restaurant Running

Restaurant managers don’t have to wait to enter critical inventory, sales, and labor information into RTIconnect Back-Office. With Offline Mode, RTIconnect allows managers to avoid frustrating interruptions in their work—and perform such tasks as end-of-day closing requirements that must be completed before they can go home.

Complete Back-Office Tasks

Offline Mode enables restaurant managers to enter data for cash sheets, deposits, inventory counts, paid ins/outs, punches, reporting items, safe counts, tills, transfers, and waste/promo. Managers can also import punches, tills, and cash sheets; balance punches; and print inventory count forms without having to wait for an Internet connection.

Automatic Switch

If Internet connectivity is lost, the back-office software automatically switches to offline mode. RTIconnect saves your work on your local drive until Internet access is restored, including all additions, updates, or deletions. This local cache offers a “mini-database,” providing supporting data necessary for your business needs. When your Internet is restored, RTIconnect sends all the locally saved data to the RTIconnect server and switches to online mode. After data is saved in the RTIconnect database, it’s deleted from your local cache.

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