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Run More Profitable Restaurants

Food-service margins are slim, so technology must not only deliver results, it must also be affordable. RTIconnect Back-Office delivers on all counts. We provide reasonably priced restaurant management solutions without the hassle of long-term contracts.

Our customers are achieving great results with RTIconnect Back-Office:

We instantly fell in love with the software. Our return on investment has been incredible.
–Doug Rich, Vice President Bodan, Inc./Group W Partner
Run more profitable Wendy's restaurants with RTIconnect Back-Office

Already an award-winning franchisee in the Wendy’s system, Bodan believed there was still room for improvement. “What RTIconnect did for us was give us information much faster. There’s so much more actionable information available to managers,” explained Doug Rich, Vice President for Bodan. With RTIconnect, Bodan has grown from 14 restaurants to more than 40.

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This is an investment that pays a huge dividend.
–Craig Leonard, CEO Mission Foods, LLC
Run more profitable Checkers restaurants with RTIconnect Back-Office

Craig leonard and his team rely on RTIconnect Back-Office to schedule effectively and save time managing inventory. “Some people look at the back-office as a cost,” Craig explained. “They should throw that word out of their vocabulary. It’s not a cost. This is an investment that pays a huge dividend.”

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On Monday morning now we know we have accurate numbers.
–Charlie Harmon, President FX4B, LLC
Run more profitable Arby's restaurants with RTIconnect Back-Office

Before RTIconnect Back-Office, unreliable numbers caused problems for Charlie Harmon and his team. That’s no longer a problem. Charlie and his team previously had to gather daily and weekly numbers to generate reports and start payroll. “Now, that’s all automatic,” said Charlie. “Whether I look on my computer at home or it’s the manager out in the field, we can see the most recent numbers.”

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Within just a few months of implementing RTIconnect, our clients often report a significant return on their investment. And after that, the savings continue year after year—putting more profits on your bottom line every year. Here’s how:

Improve Food Costs

By lowering food costs only 1.5%, a typical restaurant can save more than $10,000 each year. Our clients report saving from 1–3% on food costs with their new back-office software.

Cut the Fat from Labor

Save your manager a couple of hours each week creating the schedule and cut excess employee labor too. Cutting just 1 hour of excess labor per day will save more than $2,500 a year. RTIconnect users typically report labor savings in the range of 1–2%.

Manage Cash & Tills

Tighter cash controls may not result in a predictable reduction in your costs, but they can definitely make a difference in your bottom line. RTIconnect helps you avoid unnecessary losses by providing better visibility into your revenue handling procedures at each restaurant and alerting you to any unusual activity.

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