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Sales Reporting

How does your team view sales? With a comprehensive restaurant back-office system, you can satisfy even the most demanding sales analyst with a number of ways to view your sales data. How do company sales compare to last year? Region by region? DM vs. DM? Breakfast restaurant vs. non-breakfast restaurant? Profitability of specific menu items? No matter your metric, RTIconnect delivers.

Here’s how RTIconnect Sales Reporting helps the following roles:

RTIconnect Sales Reporting helps Operators monitor sales data.


  • RTIconnect Back-Office is packed with ways to monitor your sales data. You can also create your own custom reports for advanced trend analysis, year-to-year comparisons, and store consolidations.
  • Track the actual cost of each menu item and see how items are impacted by LTOs and promotions, and know, by timeframe or restaurant, which menu items or menu groups are contributing the most or least to your overall sales.
RTIconnect Sales Reporting helps CFOs verify all cash and purchases.


  • Retrieve sales information automatically from the restaurants so you can track and verify all cash and purchases. With direct access to the original data, you have better visibility into store records and extensive audit capabilities.
  • RTIconnect makes it easy to meet everyone's expectations. Deliver a robust store P&L to the management team and an abbreviated controllables P&L to the operations team.
RTIconnect Sales Reporting helps IT Managers deliver sales numbers.

IT Manager

  • For the comprehensive view needed for company-wide sales reporting, you might have to overcome disparate technology systems. RTIconnect normalizes data coming from different POS systems, so you can easily standardize your data.
  • Deliver the sales numbers to your executive team and the company’s DMs each morning. And as reporting needs change, you can easily create custom reports to meet new demands.
RTIconnect Sales Reporting helps Franchisors see into restaurant records.


  • RTIconnect sales reporting lets you track sales across restaurant operations and easily track your franchisees’ performance. With access to original data, you have better visibility into store records.
  • Retrieve sales information from the restaurants so you can track and verify all cash and purchases. You can even post cash to multiple accounting systems.

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