In partnership with Skylight Financial, Inc., RTI offers a paycard option compatible with virtually any payroll software program, providing an FDIC-insured, direct-deposit account to employees who do not have a traditional banking relationship.

Advantages to Your Company

Skylight’s account-based, direct deposit solution enables companies to achieve 100 percent direct deposit for their payroll—saving time and reducing overall costs of generating and distributing payroll checks.

As a referral agent for Skylight Financial, RTI can offer you our volume discount—regardless of how many stores or employees your company has.

Advantages to Your Employees

The Skylight account is an account for which all employees are eligible (contingent upon payroll Direct Deposit and identity verification). It is owned by the employee and may be taken with him if he leaves the employment of the restaurant operator. Employees get the benefits of a “bank account in a card” by having safe and convenient access to their money and monthly statements, like a traditional account.

Unique optional features, such as a Sub Account to transfer funds internationally and a Bill Pay Service, offer additional benefits without expensive fees.


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