Security Bags

There are many benefits of using security bags, including the following:

Time Savings

Disposable bags enable you to make deposits at any branch, any time of the day, with no waiting in line or having to retrieve your lock bag.

Increased Security

Designed to meet stringent Vault Process Certification (VPC) standards, TripLok® bags offer enhanced security and superior fraud deterrence. As a leading choice of major bank vault managers, TripLok bags dramatically improve cash management performance and lower costs in the vault, as well as in all currency handling applications.


Eliminates costly replacement of lock bags and keys.

Has a matte white, permanent writing surface to let you identify contents and specify bank information.

Single-Compartment Security Bags are available in two sizes:

Available in Clear or White.

To order, print the order form. After filling the form out, fax to RTI at 770.590.4313.

You can also fill out the order form on your computer. To begin, download the PDF to your computer. Then open the PDF and fill out the form. To submit the form to RTI, select Submit Completed Form to RTI directly on the form or send the filled out PDF as an attachment to

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