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» March 23, 2015

RTI Announces Interface with Brink POS

Restaurants can now use RTIconnect Back-Office with cloud-based Brink POS. [Read more…]

» Feb. 26, 2015

RTI to Sponsor MURTEC 2015

RTI will bring technology solutions to the table at annual conference. [Read more…]

» Nov. 7, 2014

RTI to Co-Sponsor RFDC 2014

RTI will bring technology solutions to Restaurant Finance & Development Conference. [Read more…]

» Sept. 29, 2014

RTI to Participate in Burger King 2014 North America Convention

RTI will feature RTIconnect Back-Office at meeting of franchisees and partners. [Read more…]

» Sept. 19, 2014

RTI to Participate in Arby’s 2014 Worldwide Convention

RTIconnect Back-Office will be featured at meeting of franchisees and partners. [Read more…]

» Aug. 27, 2014

RTI to Participate in Checkers/Rally’s 2014 Convention

RTI will showcase RTIconnect Back-Office at annual meeting of restaurant owners and operators. [Read more…]

» June 25, 2014

RTI to Sponsor Beef ‘O’ Brady’s 2014 Conference

RTI will showcase RTIconnect Back-Office at annual meeting of restaurant owners and operators. [Read more…]

» May 8, 2014

RTI Announces

With MyJobToGo, restaurant employees gain 24/7 online access to weekly schedules, pay stubs, and W-2s. [Read more…]

» April 7, 2014

RTIconnect Helps Arby’s Franchisee Fulfill Corporate Mission

With FX4B, LLC, the mission statement is in the name: F X 4 = “Fantastic Food, Fast and Friendly.” [Read more…]

» March 11, 2014

RTI to Sponsor MURTEC 2014

RTI will bring technology solutions to the table at annual conference. [Read more…]

» March 3, 2014

RTI Develops Interface with Fintech

Restaurants can now receive electronic invoices for liquor, beer, and wine orders from their distributors. [Read more…]

» Jan. 6, 2014

RTIconnect Puts the Pieces Together for Moe’s Franchisee

MJR, LLC uses RTIconnect back-office software to drive down food and labor costs and increase collaboration between their restaurants. [Read more…]

» Jan. 3, 2014

RTI Expands Interface with Food Services of America

With expanded interface, restaurants can now receive electronic invoices for deliveries from Food Services of America, thereby eliminating manual entry and updating food inventory automatically. [Read more…]

» July 11, 2013

RTI Welcomes Burger King Operators GPS Hospitality and Capital Restaurant Group

BK operators choose RTIconnect as their back office for 70 restaurant locations. [Read more…]

» July 5, 2013

RTI Adds E-interfaces with PFG Customized Distribution

Quick-service restaurants using RTIconnect back office software can now receive order guides and place their food orders electronically with PFG Customized Distribution. [Read more…]

» July 1, 2013

RTI Offers Healthcare Compliance Tools for Restaurants

Restaurant operators find easy solutions for healthcare compliance in RTI Payroll & Human Resources software. [Read more…]

» May 15, 2013

Hospitality Technology Reveals How Wendy’s Operator Computes More Profits

RTI client and Wendy’s franchisee Mike Allen was the subject of a case study regarding his quick upgrade from an awkward back office to a more profitable RTIconnect. [Read more…]

» March 15, 2013

RTI Showcases Back Office Solutions at MURTEC 2013

RTI was again a sponsor for the annual MURTEC conference of restaurant industry leaders, sharing its technology advances with restaurant owners and IT experts. [Read more…]

» Jan. 8, 2013

RTI Beefs Up Convenience with New Dashboards for Customers

RTI adds new dashboards to the menu in latest release of RTIconnect™ back office. [Read more…]

» Aug. 28, 2012

Wendy’s Operator Makes Quick Switch to RTIconnect, Gains Features & Saves Bucks

Allen Properties transitions to a new back office software in their Florida restaurants in record-setting time. [Read more…]

» May 30, 2012

RTI to Sponsor Beef ‘O’ Brady’s 2012 Conference

RTI will showcase RTIconnect Back Office at annual meeting of restaurant owners and operators. [Read more…]

» Feb. 14, 2012

RTI to Sponsor MURTEC 2012

RTI will bring technology ideas to the table for exchange with restaurant owners and IT experts. [Read more…]

» Feb. 7, 2012

Arby’s Franchisee Boosts Profits by 1.5–2.5 Points

Bentley-Miller Corp., a 20-unit Arby’s franchisee, lowered food and labor costs throughout its restaurants using RTIconnect back office software. [Read more…]

» Jan. 31, 2012

RTI Names Neal Starkey as President and COO, Makes Other Key Appointments

RTI, Inc., revises top management roles as it plans for business growth. [Read more…]

» Oct. 11, 2011

RTI Named Technology ‘Supplier of the Year’ by Checkers Drive-In Restaurants

Checkers recognizes RTI with vendor award after successful back office transition. [Read more…]

» Sept. 15, 2011

Arby’s Franchisee Tightened Belt, Weathered Storms, and Came Out Stronger

Putting stringent food cost controls in place not only helped Utah’s Premier Restaurants weather the recession, it also helped this Arby’s franchisee emerge stronger and better equipped for the next challenge. [Read more…]

» Aug. 18, 2011

Maitre’D Connects with RTI for Food & Labor Cost Savings

RTI and Posera Software join forces to provide an interface between the RTIconnect Restaurant Back Office and the Maitre’D POS system. [Read more…]

» Aug. 11, 2011

36-unit Arby’s Franchisee Selects RTI as Back Office Technology Provider

Huse Incorporated leverages RTIconnect to reduce food and labor costs in their Arby’s restaurants. [Read more…]

» Aug. 10, 2011

RTI Announces Interface to NEC Point-of-Sale Systems

New software interface provides link between NEC RSeMW or RSeMX POS systems and the RTIconnect Back Office system for restaurant operators. [Read more…]

» July 28, 2011

Checkers Gives Crew Schedules a Makeover, Sees Sales Rise

Checkerboard Restaurants, a 5-unit Checkers® franchisee, increased sales and lowered labor costs without sacrificing customer service. [Read more…]

» May 10, 2011

RTI Team Supports Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure

Local software company employees join thousands in annual 5K run/walk cancer-cure fundraiser. [Read more…]

» April 26, 2011

Beef ‘O’ Brady’s Selects RTIconnect to Control Food & Labor Costs

FSC Franchise Co. makes commitment to deploy RTIconnect Back Office software in its 220 franchised family sports pubs. [Read more…]

» April 5, 2011

RTIconnect Stays on the Job—Even During Internet Outages

RTI adds Offline capability to the latest release of RTIconnect, enabling restaurant managers to continue critical tasks even if they temporarily lose Internet access. [Read more…]

» March 14, 2011

Leading Wendy’s Franchisee Improves Service and Standards Despite Tough Economy

Bodan Incorporated uses RTIconnect Back Office to staff the right labor at the right time in their restaurants—and improves customer service while saving $65,000 a year. [Read more…]

» Aug. 31, 2010

Wendy’s Franchisee Puts Technology on the Menu

Miami Management uses RTIconnect to measure restaurant performance and guide operational decisions. [Read more…]

» Aug. 18, 2010

A Minute Here, a Minute There, RTIconnect TimeClock Saves Franchisee $30,000 a Year

Manna Inc. says using TimeClock software to enforce employee breaks easily saves each restaurant an hour of labor cost per day. [Read more…]

» Feb. 2, 2010

Wendy’s Franchisee Avoids Costly POS Switch and Gains Food Cost Control

Wanting more detailed food cost reporting but not wanting to invest in a new POS system, Calhoun Management turned to RTIconnect—and got their solution. [Read more…]

» Jan. 12, 2010

Wendy’s Franchisee Cuts Labor with Creative Report

Brian Foutz designed a weekly recap report that now saves an entire management shift for each of his 11 Wendy’s restaurants. [Read more…]

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